Ready to be send to Apple :

Thanks for supporting WaiterOne last year – we’ve got a lot more to share with you in 2015, so stay productive and keep on using WaiterOne, spread the word! xx

What’s new :
• Big font switch added to printers, removed from bill in the settings. Now you can also set the font size for the orders!
• Import WaiterOne database (=backup) from email, click on the database file and open in WaiterOne (see blog for explanation)
• Dashboard accessible with any browser, surf to the ip address of your iPad on port 8081 (eg. It looks really cool on a pc, on an iPhone, an iPad or any other smart- or not so smartdevice. A username and password will be asked to consult the dashboard. You can also bookmark or add it to to your home screen on your portable device, a blue icon will be created. Ready for you to click on it and see your current sales and stuff. NEAT!!

The new dashboard accessible from your pc/mac/smartphone or tablet

The new dashboard accessible from your pc/mac/smartphone or tablet

Updated :
• Added price2 and price3 to export/import
• Sales reports adapted, VAT/TAX is now saved in the sales, changing the VAT/TAX’s will not change previous results
• Open Tables/Clients small will only show the used tables now, empty tables will not be listed
• Updated the meta tags code when printing out tickets : e.g. an unknown tag will do nothing, previously it would hang the app
• Prices now downloaded correctly to the COS (remember? surf with a smartphone to your iPad on port 8080) depending on your price level your are in

Bugs :
• In reports (total of open tables was wrong)