To be Released on Monday 5 January 2015

What’s new :

• Different names on button, on the bill and on the order. E.g. put ‘menu’ on button, put ‘fish day menu’ on the order and print out ‘our special fish day menu’ on the bill for your clients.

Updated :

• Special functions page stays activated after select a price level
• Price level logic
• Chart and communication engine
• App version and build added in export file

Bugs :

• % On open price was not working properly any more
• Import with known uuid
• Daylight saving bug in reports (26th of October)
• Using the display on the Citizen CT-S800 as a customer display, working with different customer displays, non products are not shown on the display anymore
• Adding a new table manually also adds it to the list of last opened tables
• Some small visual bugs in data tab
• When changing the name of a button, the name on the button was not always perfect
• When changing the name of a payment, the name on the button was not updated accordingly
• When changing the name of a button, a payment and an user when only one in a section

Thanks for supporting WaiterOne last year – we’ve got a lot more to share with you in 2015, so stay productive and keep on using WaiterOne, spread the word! xx