Think we are back on track. More or less at last.

So now we have WaiterOne 1.3.8 + WaiterOne Remote 1.2.2 + WaiterOne Remote HD 1.1.3 working all together. If you need support please check that you are using these 3 apps together, don’t mix up different versions.

We are already working on version 1.3.9. Should be ready for download very soon. In short 1.3.9 will have the multi text (button/order/bill) activated, a button to change the price level, a possibility to print out the bill or not when closing a sale and some other bug fixes (the one when asking a copy of ticket and the number of items who are calculated correctly (see also special post about this bug))!

Sorry for the inconvenience regarding the last update and thanks again for the feedback!