Since version 1.3.17 of WaiterOne, we have a new neat way to logon. Traditional cash registers (or even our POS competition) have waiter keys, (Dalles)iButtons, Kelloxx keys, magnetic or RFID keycards or other dedicated (read expensive) solutions. We don’t have anything like that, what a pity, … but … we have a solution now. The beauty about our solution is that you don’t need to buy anything, you have all you need to make it work (and I don’t talk about kitchen stuff here).

What you need, your iPad, your printer, a nice plastic badge or card holder (maybe you have some left from your last visit to a trade fair or so) and WaiterOne of course. Let’s start cooking :

  • go to the settings of WaiterOne, click on barcode, activate software barcode, use front camera and activate blind mode. You should have a screen like this when finished :
    Software barcodeYou can also work with the back camera of your iPad, but for user identification it is more convenient to use your front camera. If you should want to use barcodes for your products, maybe consider using the back camera instead (it’s faster), or go for  dedicated hardware (like the Socket Mobile scanners). It all depends on your business of course.
  • go to data -> users and select the user you want to make a badge for, next click on the QR Code button located on the right (next to code)printqrcodeMagic!! A nicely printed QRCode comes out of your ‘bill’ printer. As a reminder for whom this waiter ID is, we added the user name underneath the Quick Response Code. Here is how it looks


  • Now log out. Hold your QRCode above your iPad. Keep it +/- 30 horizontal or vertical in front of the camera. Faster then lighting it will log you on. Awesome!