Apps and new 2017 Pricing

We try our best to deliver fantastic ‘value for money’ apps to our customers. Our ‘All Inclusive’ philosophy extends to most of our core products making the TCO of WaiterOne one of the lowest on the market.

No expensive hardware is required and there are NO costs for extra features….ever!

Most, if not all, of our competitors ask €59.99 per month! 3 Years and an easy calculation later, you saved €1.944!!

Which version is best for you?

WaiterOne for Germany is GoBS, GDPdU and GoBD compliant. Please read our FAQ for more information.
WaiterOne for Austria is e131 compliant. Please check our FAQ or change to German.
WaiterOne for France is not yet NF525 certified. We are planning to do it till it is needed (beginning 2018).
WaiterOne for Belgium is not yet BlackBox compliant. Still in the pipe line.


  • Unlimited devices (iPad’s, iPhone’s & iPod’s)
  • NO cost…ever
  • Remote Ordering App
  • Take orders at the tables


  • No printer network cables
  • New color per order
  • Swipe off finished order
  • Save paper supplies


  • Remote access
  • Check sales in real time
  • Allocate correct staff levels
  • Nice graphs
  •  watch functionality

Whats not to love?

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