Stuur uw vragen over WaiterOne naar het volgende adres: email. Geef ons ook alle informatie die we nodig hebben om uw situatie of configuratie te begrijpen (welke iOS gebruikt u, welke versie van WaiterOne, welke printer heeft u (merk / interface), netwerkconfiguratie met ip-adressen, …). Je kunt ook een e-mail sturen vanuit WaiterOne, op die manier hebben we alle benodigde informatie (instellingen -> over -> click here for international support). Vergeet niet eerst de FAQ te raadplegen!

Indien gewenst, kunnen we u ook telefonisch, WhatsApp, iMessage, Skype, TeamViewer, een e-mail sturen, zodat we een gesprek kunnen regelen.

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Hi Eddy.
Thank you for an email.  I already updated KDS.  Its working good today.  Thank you for your helping.  Wish all the best for your application and thank you for you. You are very passionate and your application helps a lot for our business. I will help you review and tell our friends about WaiterOne.
Best Regards.
Nontakan S. - USA

All the staff are so excited about going high tech with the ordering system 🙂
While the boss is excited about the prospect of cost cutting and reducing staff 🙁
What a wonderful world we live in . . .

Fernando T. - Australia

I am writing from Germany. I’m just beginning to use WaiterOne for my sushi-bar.
Almost every problem I got, I got answers from FAQs. It runs now perfectly with TM-T88IV LAN with my logo on the bills. 🙂
Awesome and very considered software you made. Thank you for your Contribution!

Xiao W. - Germany

Beautiful it is working now. You are a champ.
Many thanks for your hard work.
All credit for your support. You are amazing you make my day. Not sure how to
Thank to you but respect your hard,
and patient working for me for nothing.
Cheer the WaiterOne team for successful business.

Anton - Australia

Hi Eddy,
thanks a lot for your work, WaiterOne did a perfect job on my Fiesta. Friends where pretty much impressed by the easiness and ‘user friendliness’ of this app.
Hope they will change from their cashier system. Anyway everything is very good.

Peter S. - Germany

Hallo Eddy ,
Even om je te laten weten dat het perfect draait en dat we heel heel content zijn.
Dank voor alles, nog een heel fijne dag

Marina A. - Belgium

Thank you SO MUCH!
This is totally awesome!

Tony V. - USA

I just cant tell you enough how great your app was, we had a food fair and moved my ipad and printer there,
large number of orders went so smooth.
thank you
Karush P. - Germany