iOS8 Was released this week. After some testing, some updates to our development environment, we strongly advice not to upgrade just yet. There are still some issues with iOS8 and WaiterOne, but we are hopeful to have it, more or less, sorted out next week. We have sent Apple already some updates for our apps and we are now waiting approval :

Waiting for approval

Here is a list of additional changes we did to WaiterOne version 1.3.9 :

What’s new :

• Table/tab name also repeated at the bottom of the order ticket

Updated :

• iOS8 Update release
• Swedish translation done by Michael Carllson
• Pages optimised for memory management

Bugs :

• First printer ticket is now 1 instead of 0 after (re)install/reset
• Bug with copy of a ticket (items and name of receipt)
• When swiping between empty pages
• Deleting tables in the main screen
• Bug with copies of bill or orders, number of tickets printed was not correct 🙁
• Bug in sales total, other totals were correct though