Product Features

We are continually updating and improving WaiterOne. Adding new features that make running your business easier.


Written in your iPads native code, WaiterOne works fast and intuitively. No button press delays. Using WaiterOne is quick and efficient.


Easily design your sales screen to suit your business. Drag and drop buttons, change colour to group your items and change button size to suit.


WaiterOne is loaded directly onto your iPad. Your data is where you can see it. No servers to crash at your busy times – No internet required.


WaiterOne is designed to be fast, intuitive and easy to use. Train your staff in minutes and get them serving your customers in no time.


Create separate pages for your products. Quickly create that food order then flick to the coffee section. Add kitchen messages as required.


Easily create a table account or Bar tab. Quickly review your open tables and see whats been ordered. Simple to split a bill and finalise the sale.


Give hungry customers the ability to order directly from your restaurant’s website or use our page to be found and increase your sales!

WaiterOne for iPad

The number one product to get your Food and Beverage business running smoother. Fantastic features included to make running a cafe , bar or restaurant so much easier.

  • Fast service, Bar mode
  • Table accounts, Restaurant mode
  • Easily split bills
  • Move tables
  • Merge Tables
  • Print kitchen dockets
  • Print bills
  • Finalise Bills

WaiterOne back office

… done at your iPad. Very intuitive design linking all your business data together.

  • Products (buttons)
  • Groups
  • Tables/tabs
  • Printers
  • Users
  • Payment methods
  • Courses
  • All kind of settings

WaiterOne Remote

We are selling this great little app at a fantastic discounted price. ……OK its FREE. Our gift to our loyal WaiterOne customers.

Use that spare iPod or iPhone. Its great fun and easy to use.


WaiterOne Blackbox

The BlackBox is a fiscal data module to register all transactions and is compulsory in some countries. If you are interested to test it out or you want to know how it works please let us know.

As Death and Taxes seem to be the only two certainties in Life, we have developed a solution to overcome the second one. But do not fear, Eddy is working furiously on a solution for the first one. Keep the Tax man and your Accountant happy!

WaiterOne KDS

Save a tree with our paperless kitchen (and bar) ordering system.

No need to use all that paper. Our famous KDS system will have the Kitchen running like a well oiled machine. Mount an extra iPad in the Kitchen, link to the in-house wifi and get ready for the orders. Swipe off when finished and make room for the next order.

  • No need to run printer network cables
  • Set different colours for each order
  • Swipe off order when finished
  • View and restore finished orders if required
  • Save paper supplies
  • Save the forests
  • Keep the chef happy…most important!!

WaiterOne Online Dashboard

The new WaiterOne Online Dashboard can be viewed from anywhere and uses our ‘cloud’.

With WaiterOne Online Dashboard you can consult your sales in real time from everywhere on any device, whether your are next door shopping or on vacation on a tropical island.

  • Daily turnover
  • Groups
  • Products
  • Payments
  • Users
  • Tickets

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