Installing the new Star TSP143IIIU USB printer

Star released this, one of a kind, USB POS printer that works with the iPad (and WaiterOne) : the Star TSP143IIIU. The beauty about this printer is that you don’t need a network nor do you need any IT skills to install it.

1. Connect your printer to your iPad with your lightning cable (USB on printer side, lightning on iPad side) :

Connect your lightning cable with the USB side to your printer.

Connect your lightning cable with the lightning side to your iPad.

2. In WaiterOne go to data -> printer -> bill -> general -> host and enter : USB:TSP100
3. In the same settings as above, select Star Raster Mode as type printer

Configuration of the Star TSP143IIIU printer in WaiterOne

All done! Push the QR Code next of the host address in WaiterOne and a small ticket should be printed.

Final test : printing a receipt with the Star TSP143IIIU

Thanks to Star EMEA for borrowing me this printer.

NIU buttons by NodOn®

A new feature in WaiterOne version 1.4.29 will be the integration of a physical service button called NIU. This button could be placed for instance on a table so your clients could call the waiter, or to let them ask for the bill or even print it directly, why not. You could also use it to inform the kitchen that the next course could be served. If you use WaiterOne in a spa you could use it to take an order.

The NIU buttons currently exist in 6 beautiful color. They are very well made, a little bit Apple’ish if you ask me. Maybe start with one (or four) and give one to your VIP clients, that way you can serve them faster (and make some more money ;)).

NIU buttons by NodOn®

The possibilities are endless, but as all needs to be programmed, we started with these ‘actions’. Look at some code straight from within WaiterOne :

ActionNIUButtonNone //No action when button pressed
ActionNIUButtonCall //Call waiter
ActionNIUButtonCourse //Ask for the next course
ActionNIUButtonPay //Ask for the bill
ActionNIUButtonPayAndPrint //… and print it immediately!!!
ActionNIUButtonCancel //Cancel previous actions

Actually these buttons exist already some time in the hospitality, they are better know as waiter callers or pagers. You can still buy them but to integrate it properly into your POS system, … don’t look further, the NIU buttons work just nicely together with WaiterOne. Here is a screenshot of how it will look if somebody wants to order :

NIU buttons nicely integrated into WaiterOne

If you have more ideas how to use these buttons, contact us, curious which ‘actions’ will be added one day!
Interested or do you have some NIU buttons already, have a look at the Getting started with WaiterOne and NodOn NIU buttons. Enjoy!

SumUp is here!

Since version 1.4.26 we have SumUp integrated in WaiterOne. Start accepting credit cards now. Activate SumUp and tendering in the settings of WaiterOne, create a payment method and connect it to SumUp and use it straight away, accept all major cards and payment methods :

The new SumUp Air card reader

Accept payments with SumUp

WaiterOne version 1.4.26

We have just released version 1.4.26 of WaiterOne. Together with this release we also updated the Remote (now version 1.3.4) and the KDS (now version 1.1.3). It is important to know that if you use one of these additional apps, the Remote or the KDS, you have to upgrade all the apps to the latest versions. Updating the main WaiterOne app and still using an older Remote will get you into problems. Same goes for the KDS, as we changed the communication protocol, so if the KDS was not upgraded it will not work at all anymore.

Here is a list of the new things in the 1.4.26. In the upcoming month we will add some new exciting things to WaiterOne, if you should have a special request, please drop us an email. Thanks.

### Added
– Split bills on WaiterOne and on the WaiterOne remote for the iPhone. WaiterOne remote for the iPad will follow shortly.
– New Star TSP100IIIU added, this is a USB printer and can be connected directly to Lightning port of your iPad, no network nor bluetooth not Wi-Fi needed.
– Added jump and jump back to export and import file.
### Fixed
– Table move print outs on Star bitmpa printers were not perfect! Now they are, I guess.
### Changed
– Import improved. Create your products in a spreadsheet and import them in WaiterOne.
– Recompiled with latest development version and with latest communication library.
– Recompiled with latest SumUp library, needed for the latest SumUp card readers.
– Removed our logo from Star bitmap printers receipts.

NEW Star TSP100III USB prints directly from your iPad


Star has a new printer and it is amazing, the big change here is that this printer is not ethernet, nor WiFi, nor Bluetooth connectable. Just plug your lighting cable into your iPad, connect it to your pinter (USB) and you are ready to go. No more network configurations, no WiFi nightmares. The only limitation here is the distance, using this printer in your kitchen will be a no go, but for a receipt printer, or when you have no network at all (e.g. foodtrucks). This could be a winner.

Print to the NEW Star TSP100III USB Printer directly from an iPhone or iPad.

More info on the site of Star :

Star’s NEW TSP143IIIU is a game changing USB POS printer. It is the first of its kind to be able to connect directly to an iPhone, iPad or iPod using an Apple Lightning cable for reliable USB communication and simultaneous charging.

This is a standard USB receipt printer for traditional POS terminals (including Android, Linux and Windows) with a difference. The TSP143IIIU combines the reliability of cabled terminal POS with the flexibility and advantages of mobile tablet POS. As a result, the usaul Bluetooth or WiFi / wired LAN set-up issues around pairing, network infrastructure and connectivity etc. are eliminated from a hardware perspective.


  • iOS devices – Charging and data transfer between device and printer via standard Lightning to USB cable using USB A port.
  • Android, Linux and Windows devicesCommunication via USB B port. Power is supplied through a 3rd party splitter cable.
  • Compatible with Star Cloud Services
    and AllReceipts Digital Receipting App.
  • Connection to a cash drawer as standard.
  • 250mm/s print speed.
  • Thin paper capability (0.053 to 0.085).
  • Unique Star futurePRNT software included.
  • ECO features including print on demand – horizontal and vertical text reduction and receipt on demand function. (Windows only).

WaiterOne für Österreich

Don’t be scared, we are still busy, but this time only for a specific country : Austria. After this special Austrian version we want to add some extra stuff to the remote and work on the new table plan. Stay tuned!

If you are from Austria that you should be interested in this :

Liebe Nutzer von WaiterOne!

Ab 1.4.2017 müssen alle Kassensysteme über einen Manipulationsschutz verfügen.
Dieser Manipulationschutz besteht aus einer Smartcard und einem Kartenlesegerät.
WaiterOne nutzt hierzu ein Bluetooth Lesegerät von Feitian und eine Smartcard von Atrust.

Die erforderliche Hardware zur Signatur :

A) a.sign RK CHIP inkl. Zertifikat € 27.60
Bezugsquelle :
Es ist auch möglich einen a.sign RK CHIP – Selbstaktivierung € 10.80 zu kaufen.

Jedoch muss diese Karte mit einem separaten Lesegerät und einer Software mit ihrer UID Nummer versehen werden.

Bezugsquelle :
alternativ auch

Bitte informieren sie sich über die weitere Vorgehensweise auf unseren Internetseiten:

mit freundlichen Grüßen,
das Team von WaiterOne

Feitian card readers tested and working with WaiterOne für Österreich

Feitian card reader in a sleeve : iR301U-C

Feitian card reader in a sleeve : iR301U-C

2017 New pricing

After 6 years using a competitive, fixed, pay-once price setting, we have decided to change our pricing policy. The idea is to make the pricing very transparent and very competitive once again. The money we make with this price change will be invested in human resources. There are so many things we want to integrate with WaiterOne, so extra programmers would be a major help over here.

The all inclusive price of WaiterOne will be as low as 6 euro a month (paid on a yearly basis). All apps, add-ons and services will be included. Here is a list of the things you get for your money :

  • WaiterOne iPad app
  • Our famous support, everybody is gold now
  • As many as you want WaiterOne Remote’s for iPhone and iPad
  • As many as you want KDS’s : kitchen (or bar) display system
  • Cloud dashboard : see your sales in realtime from everywhere you are
  • Cloud backup
  • Updates for all apps

Actually the new price setting is even cheaper than before as the total of the add-ons was 121.95 euro per year before and now it is only 71.99 euro per year.
For that monthly price you can use as many remote’s as you want, so now every waiter could have a remote actually. The same goes for the KDS. Starting up has never been so affordable. 6 Euro, all inclusive. That is the price of 3 coffees a month.
You can also pay for 1, 3 or 6 months. So people who have a season- or event business, only need to pay for the period they use the system.
You can also install a lite version of WaiterOne without paying anything at all. You can check out all of WaiterOnes amazing features without any limits except for the reports which will not be viewable.

If you should have questions about this change feel free to contact us. Always available, always ready to help.

To  WATCH, or not to  WATCH

It took a while to get my Apple watch over here. But at last I finally got one. I started immediately with a small PoC (proof of concept) for a Dashboard app. WaiterOne Dashboard which shows you your sales on your iPhone now ported to your watch. The results are quite awesome. When you look at your watch you will see, in realtime, your sales from your bar or restaurant. The idea is now to integrate the watch into your favourite Dashboard app. No need to get your iPhone out of your pocket, just look at your watch and see how sales are going.

Dashboard on Apple Watch Dashboard on Apple Watch

Dashboard on Apple Watch Dashboard on Apple Watch Dashboard on Apple Watch

SumUp is here!

Since version 1.4.26 we have SumUp integrated in WaiterOne. Start accepting credit cards now. Activate SumUp and tendering in the settings of WaiterOne, create a payment method and connect it to SumUp and use it straight away, accept all major cards and payment methods :

The new SumUp Air card reader

Accept payments with SumUp

New WaiterOne Server

WaiterOne has a new solution for hospitality chains, big events and/or mega food factories. Last weekend was the grand opening of that mega food market, Mercado in Antwerp (see or It was an enormous succes, maybe (?) thanks to the new WaiterOne solution we made up for them. No, no, no, … and actually we didn’t made up anything, we only downgraded our cloud solution and installed it on a local server in their basement, WaiterOne server as we will call it until we found a better name.

Every sale is sent to that server and all data can be consulted in realtime. In the case of Mercado Antwerp, 20 iPads are flooding data to that server, but as we use cloud technologie no data tsunami can tackle this big boy. With a normal webbrowser you can consult the sales, iPad per iPad, ticket per ticket if you want :

WaiterOne server

Different reports can be generated and emailed for management and bookkeeping purposes. Interested in our solution? Are you the next Mc Donalds or Pepe Chiringo? Do you want to be in control of your chain of restaurants better then you can do now? Please contact us.

Mercado Groenplaats Antwerpen

Grand Opening Mercado Groenplaats Antwerp, 20 iPads and more then 20 ticket printers!

WaiterOne version 1.4.9

We will release version 1.4.9 of WaiterOne this week. It is, in my opinion an iconic release. Maybe some people will have noticed it, but this version surpasses build 40.000!! What does this mean? In short : we changed and compiled WaiterOne 40.000 times to come to this version. Believe me, that is a lot of compiling 😉

Also iconic in this version, and more important for you, is that we have tackled a very sensitive iOS topic. We have managed to make WaiterOne active in the background. This is really awesome, as now you can do other things on your iPad (e.g. select a new song or answer a question from your clients online) and in the same time, receive, process and print out an order or bill from your waiters working with the Remote iPod/iPone app. If WaiterOne is not active or running in the background you will receive a notification and the order will nevertheless be printed on the bar or kitchen printer. No more stress if somebody forgot to relaunch WaiterOne, no more pending tickets!

WaiterOne running in the background and receiving an order notification.

WaiterOne running in the background and receiving an order from waiter Maïté for table 13.