Version 1.4 coming sooooon!

This will be the last 1.3 release, the next one will be the first 1.4 version, flat as earth before the days of Columbus. Also better for climate change as we will not use cow skin anymore during compilation of our code 😉


In this version, 1.3.21, we have done the following :

### Changed
– Name on order from button will copy the name of the button if it is empty
– Support log file in settings -> about -> support is now compressed, making it smaller would mean that we have lesser problems sending big log files with email
– Added ticket number in json sales structure

### Fixed
– Bug when printing out sales on an Epson ePOS-Print printer
– Buttons redraw when characteristics were changed in the settings (like font, size, …)
– Bug when selecting a new font, old selection didn’t disappear
– Order of the pages was not working correctly. Should be solved now
– Bug when setting of the printers were empty, app crashes no more