Payment printer

We have something new in the next version of WaiterOne. I thought I’ll write it down here as a lot of users still have troubles with the printers logic. A lot of you guys think that printers in WaiterOne are physical printers. The printers in WaiterOne aren’t physical printers but logical printers. If you only have one printer in your business don’t start deleting all the printers in WaiterOne. Imagine if you have a small restaurant and you want to start small with WaiterOne. 1 iPad running WaiterOne, a nice stand (to protect your iPad), your own iPhone running the remote to order at the client’s table (as it is free and as you own an iPhone) and 1 printer. That one printer will be used as order printer to print out the bar tickets, the kitchen tickets and to print out the bill for your clients.  Maybe later you can install an extra kitchen printer or even a kitchen display, but for now, all works just fine. So in WaiterOne, in the data tab -> printers you really should configure 3 printers, not 1. Configure a bar printer, a kitchen printer and the bill printer. Actually, when you install WaiterOne for the first time, these printers should already be there. No need to delete them! Just use the same ‚host address‘ for your 3 printers. Why you should do this? Because there is so much more to configure when you use separate logical printers. You could set the numbers of copies, you could set the layout of your tickets, you can have different numbering, …

So what has been changed? We have added a new configuration in WaiterOne, one who makes it possible to select a different logical printer to print out the payment tickets (VAT/TAX receipt).

Start by adding a payment printer in the printers data, lets call it ‚Payment‘ :


So instead of 3 logical printers we will have 4 logical printers now. This is of course only of you want to make a distinction between the pro forma ticket (bill printer) and the VAT/TAX receipt (payment printer).

To continue we now also have a new parameter in the settings -> general -> bill : called payment printer :


Select here the printer to be used for printing out the VAT/TAX receipt. This ticket will be printed as soon as the client has paid his bill.

Why could you use this? Imagine if you don’t want a pro forma invoice but you do want a VAT/TAX receipt. Just set you bill printer to 0 copies and your payment printer to 1. Imagine if you want the VAT/TAX receipt to be printed on a different printer, one closer to you so you can control the payment a little bit more. Just select another physical printer, easy!

Restore your data

Since version 1.3.12 1.3.13 there is a new way to restore your data on a new or reinitialised iPad. Wether you want to restart from a previous backup or you have bought a new iPad and you don’t want to type in everything once more! Maybe you are opening a new shop/bar or restaurant? No problem. Backup and restore your data to a second iPad (for free)! Remember your data belongs to you. How to proceed? Easy :

  • First backup your data, go to Settings -> Data -> Data -> Backup in WaiterOne : send your data to your own email address or the address you will use on that other iPad
  • Open email on that other iPad, open the mail you received from your previous iPad and click on the w1.db file, then click on ‚Open in WaiterOne‘

    Open in WaiterOne

    Open in WaiterOne

  • WaiterOne will launch, now click on Replace to replace your current database. Be careful as this will overwrite your previous data. Press cancel if you don’t want to continue

    Please make a backup first before you continue

    Please make a backup first before you continue

  • All done, click on ok to reset, restart WaiterOne manually

    Happy days :-)

    Happy days 🙂

That’s it, you have your old data back on your new iPad!

Forgotten printer parameter

This week I visited a new client of WaiterOne: Svenska Baren in Puerto Rico, G.C. Armed with my MacBook Pro and my iPad mini, I would tackle a ticket printer layout bug. As I don’t have an Epson TM-T20II here to test, I just made an appointment with the owner of the place to test it onsite. Connect my hardware to his network, …, ready, set, … debug :

svenka nok

As you see, the ticket width doesn’t seem to be used completely. But then again, the total of the ticket seems to be well aligned, also the text printed in the header and the footer seems to be exactly in the middle. Strange no? As my personal printer on my work place, seems to be working perfect. Small detail, it is not an Epson TM-T20II, but a Epson TM-T88V with wifi interface.

It didn’t took me long to see that the printing was just that little bit smaller then my own test prints. So if it prints smaller, then it probably also prints more columns?

Downloaded the Epson TM-T20II and the Epson TM-T88V specs and indeed, the first printer prints in Font A 48 characters, in Font B 64 characters on 1 line, the latter printer does 42 characters and 56 characters respectively in Font A and Font B. Eureka!!

As soon as I changed in WaiterOne the characters to 64 on the bill printer (data -> printers -> bill -> ticket : characters) all seems to be working as it should. Everybody happy, table foosball puppet included :

svenka ok