WaiterOne 1.4.1 sent to Apple


### Fixed

– Terminated due to memory issue when running sales/orders report over longer period of time. The only solution for now is to take a smaller period. We need to rethink this for a future upgrade.
– Missing screen reports (Retour/On the house and Open price/Open text)
– Bug in sales and orders screen report (average per ticket/average per order)
– Added payments received, content of the cash drawer in X/Z Financial report

Problems after installing the 1.4.0 update? Please check your printer settings in WaiterOne!

We have a couple of emails from clients who experience stability issues after the update to version 1.4.0. It seems to be related to the use of the Epson ePOS SDK printer driver. For now, a perfect solution is to use the ESC/POS printer driver. Have a look in your data -> printers -> <all your printers> -> general -> type printer, change all your printers to ESC/POS if you had Epson ePOS SDK used before.


Change Epson ePOS SDK to …



Version 1.4.0 waiting for approval


WOW! At last (I hear you thinking) …, WaiterOne new style is ready to be released. This IS a big update. Really! Little bit scary actually, but we (and our testers) have been testing it over and over (and over) again. A lot of stuff have been changed and added, a lot of stuff has been tried out, deleted, tried out, changed, redone and reinvented, but the most important thing for now is that we can continue with this new update, add new stuff easier without getting stuck with that cow skin interface that was haunting us for years.

If Apple approves it we will release it on Monday evening (CET). Don’t start downloading it all together … like a good wine, give it some time to breath, if we have some feedback we can inform you about the update, see if all is going according plan. Then some days later give it a try, but maybe wait until you have a day off, so you can, again, give it some time, to get used to it, WaiterOne new style, no more dead-cow style, … enjoy!

### Changed

– New flat design (no more dead cow skin)
– iPad pro 12.9 inch compatible

### Added

– Day night switch : depending on this switch the main sales screen will be white or black
– Deactivate cumulate buttons switch : depening on this switch new added products will be added to the previous add products or put on a new line
– Number of characters in default password : new parameter added so you can login with smaller or bigger passwords. The default is 4 characters, but if you want to login faster you can set here a smaller number. If you want a bigger / longer password for certain users, you can start by hitting the enter key, then type in de code and then hit enter again. You can also use more complex passwords : just click on the ‚password‘ label, a keyboard will be show and type in your password. Of course you can still use a QR code ticket and  login completely safely
– A lot of new stuff to the payments : not divisible (e.g. when client pays with checks that represent a fixed value), quick pay (for selecting x amount bills, e.g. 5€ bill)
– Fast tendering switch added : when your client paid enough no need to click one more time, ticket is closed automatically
– Second cash drawer logic throughout the app
– When tendering is active and you can’t swipe throught the button pages, an exception is made so you still can swipe down and go back to previous page. This was need in case you want to back to add another product or not to close the table/tab
– Added the number of tables/tabs open and tables/tab who have received a bill on the tables icon in the tabbar e.g. 2/1, meaning 2 tables in service, 1 table have received the bill, total of 3 tables
– Voids on the order printers are now printed in reverse. No more bar tenders or chefs that didn’t see the minus in front of the items
– New Epson printer driver. For clients with the new Epson TM-m30 printer choose Epson ePOS SDK for the type of printer, as host use the ip address of your printer starting with TCP: (e.g. TCP: or if you have a bluetooth printer start with BT: (e.g. BT:00:11:22:33:44:55). The ip or bluetooth address can be found when you print out a testpage or if you use the Epson TM Utility app.
– Line separation switch added in the printers so you can create more order on your order tickets and bill receipts
– Added support for Epson DM-D30 customer display. It’s awsome, really!‘
– Encrypt your database

### Fixed

– Receipt Ticket numbering when printing to different printers
– Printing for Star TS654 bluetooth printer
– Various bug fixes