WaiterOne for iPad version 1.3.17 – soon ready for take off

What’s new :
• Sound switch added. Now you can shut up WaiterOne, handy if you use your iPad also as muzak device
• Added 3 new switches to the users :
– user can close a table/tab/cheque
– user can delete a table
– user can move a button
As always, the boss is in control of everything. If there is no boss, everybody becomes boss!!
• Open drawer switch added to payment methods, e.g. open the cash drawer if cash payment was used, do not open it when a card was used
• Copies field added to payment methods, e.g. print 2 tickets instead of one if card payment was used
• Payment method added to sales and to copy of ticket, some people will be glad with this I guess?
• Payment now has some fields to make it possible to open another app when payment method is used, e.g. open payment card company app to let your client pay with his credit card
• Number of days visible on the dashboard now set as a parameter in the settings
• Log file added to sharing folder in iTunes and to the support email you send to us. Remember if you want to send us a support email from within WaiterOne, then just go to : settings -> about -> support
• Backup will be made from now on when database is changed after an update, you can see the backup files in your iTunes FileSharing folder
Updated :
• Bigger results possible in sales
• Location added to license
• Socket Mobile scanner engine
Bugs :
• Attachments in result email not always in the correct text encoding, some characters were unreadable. If you have troubles with printing out reports/tickets, please check for special characters, you can use them (é, à, ü, …) as long as your print support them!!
• Visual bug when selecting default price on the tables
• When scanning a barcode, the button on the screen will also update the items now