WaiterOne for iPad 1.3.15 – DO NOT INSTALL YET (if you use the remotes)

Version 1.3.15 was released yesterday but there seems to be an bug when working with our remotes (WaiterOne Remote and WaiterOne Remote HD). So in case you use the remotes of WaiterOne don’t upgrade to version 1.3.15 just yet. If you use 1.3.14 and you don’t use the remote you can upgrade!

Version 1.3.16 should be available for download in a couple of days. If you have upgraded to version 1.3.15 already and you use the remotes of WaiterOne contact us, we will try to send you a beta version of WaiterOne 1.3.16.

UPDATE : WaiterOne 1.3.16 is in review by Apple now, so I guess it will be ready to download within 24 hours now!!

WaiterOne for iPad version 1.3.14 released

What’s new :
• JSON stuff added, your reports also have a json structure added now
• Current date in sales changes when current date changes (get it?)
Updated :
• Added (m) to reports when product is a modifier
• Reports can now print bigger sales
• Thai translation added (thanks to GB Computer and Design Limited. New Zealand)
Bugs :
• When working with modifiers