WaiterOne for iPad 1.3.13

Was released today on the Apple App Store, enjoy!

What’s new :
• Big font switch added to printers, removed from bill in the settings. Now you can also set the font size for the orders!
• Import WaiterOne database (=backup) from email, click on the database file and open in WaiterOne (see blog for explanation)
• Dashboard accessible with any browser, surf to the ip address of your iPad (eg. It looks really cool on pc, on an iPhone, an iPad or any other smartdevice or not so smartdevice. You can also bookmark or add it to to your home screen on your portable device, a blue icon will be created. Ready for you to click on it and see your current sales and stuff. NEAT!!
Updated :
• Added price2 and price3 to export/import
• Sales reports adapted, VAT/TAX is now saved in the sales, changing the VAT/TAX’s will not change previous results
• Open Tables/Clients small will only show the used tables now, empty tables will not be listed
• Updated the meta tags code when printing out tickets : e.g. an unknown tag will do nothing, previously it would hang the app
• Prices now downloaded correctly to the COS (remember? surf with a smartphone to your iPad on port 8080) depending on your price level your are in
Bugs :
• In reports (total of open tables was wrong)