WaiterOne 1.5.5

New version of WaiterOne released just now. Enjoy!

### Added

New school table plan redone and added. This is a game changer for WaiterOne. It is still very basic but we will add new features and images along the way. Keep us posted if you have ideas or feature/image requests.
Z Financial and Z users reprint available in the reports.
X and Z reports translated into Dutch and German.
New report added : payments in detail. 
Updated code for the updated KDS.
iCloud backup (not our cloud, but yours at Apple). Check out settings -> data -> backup -> backup and select iCloud. Then check your iCloud drive for a newly created folder with your database in it. Cool … and more to come.
Default 1 added in the payments. Ideal to add coins and paper money to your payments.
Added multiply button on the open price page. You now can use this to calculate your price.

### Changed

Improved the way to add an adhoc table or tab.
When using payments and the quick payment switch has been activated you now can enter an number, so that you have the correct number of payments immediately.  
Code changes to export en import data, usefull when using emoticons as button name (not for name on the bill nor for name on the order as these POS printers can’t print them).
Auto logout logic changed. Now it is only activated when nothing was type in yet and time has passed. I guess this will lead to less cash register stress. Once you started typing in you will not be kicked out because your were kind of slow or your were talking with a client.

### Fixed

Some currency bugs in the sales reports.
Dark mode on older iOS’s now work.
Bug when selecting a payment and then go back and select a product. Previous product could be overwritten. 
Bug when voiding a product with a modifier  Calculation on screen was done incorrectly.

New price policy will become active for everybody on Monday the 12th of November 2018

After 8 years using a competitive, fixed, pay-once price setting, we have decided to change our price policy. The idea is to make the pricing very transparent and very competitive once again. The money we make with this price change will be invested in human resources. There are so many things we want to integrate into WaiterOne, so extra programmers would be a major help over here.

The all inclusive price of WaiterOne will be as low as 6,- euro a month (paid on a yearly basis). All apps, add-ons, services and support will be included. Here is a list of the things you get for your money :

  • WaiterOne iPad app
  • Our famous support, everybody is gold now
  • As many as you want WaiterOne Remotes for iPhone, iPod and iPad
  • As many as you want KDS’s : kitchen (or bar) display system
  • Online dashboard : see your sales in realtime from everywhere
  • Cloud backup
  • Updates for all apps

Actually the new price setting is even cheaper than before as the total of the add-ons was 121,95 euro per year and now it is only 71,99 euro per year all inclusive.
For that monthly price you can use as many remotes as you want, so now every waiter could have his own remote (on his iPhone, an iPod touch or even an iPad). The same goes for the KDS. Starting up has never been so affordable. 6,- euro, all inclusive. That is the price of 3 coffees a month.
You can also pay for 1, 3 or 6 months. So people who have a season- or event business, only need to pay for the period they use the system.

If you should have questions about this change feel free to contact us. Always available, always ready to help.

SumUp promo for WaiterOne clients

A smarter way to get paid

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As a valued WaiterOne client, we want to share with you an amazing offer from our partners at SumUp.
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  • Integrated – No keying-errors
  • Secure – PCI-DSS full compliance
  • Proprietary – Beautifully designed in Berlin
  • Mobile – Accept a payment anywhere
  • Flexible – Accept major debit & credit cards, contactless, Apple Pay, and Google Pay


  • Netherlands & Belgium 0,95% debit and 1,95% credit
  • Germany: 0,95% pro EC- und 2,75% pro Kreditkartenzahlung
  • Austria: 0,95% pro Bankomat- und 2,50% pro Kreditkartenzahlung
  • Switzerland: 1,50% pro EC- und 2,50% pro Kreditkartenzahlung
  • Ireland: 1.95% all major debit and credit cards
  • United Kingdom: 1.69% all major debit and credit cards

If you process +10,000€ / month please contact am@sumup.com

Netherlands: sumup.nl
Belgium: sumup.be
Germany: sumup.de
Austria: sumup.at
Switzerland: sumup.ch
Ireland: sumup.ie
UK: sumup.co.uk

Other countries: sumup.com

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