WaiterOne AppStore release went wrong :(

UPDATE : the KDS has been updated to version 1.1.7. The bug with big screen tickets is hereby solved. WaiterOne has also been released. Version 1.5.13 is now available. The DK button should be solved now. 

This weekend we had releases of all WaiterOne apps : the main app WaiterOne, the remote version of the app and the KDS. It didn’t go as planned and lots of clients were affected by these buggy updates. When all goes well, we should have a fix for most of the things in the next upcoming hours. So please upgrade all your apps to the following versions :

  • WaiterOne KDS : version 1.1.6
  • WaiterOne Remote : version 1.3.13
  •  WaiterOne (for iPad) : version 1.5.13 (we are still waiting for approval from Apple here)


What to do when your remote crashes when selecting the tables : 

  1. Be sure you have the latest version of WaiterOne.
  2. Delete the remote app.
  3. Reinstall the remote app.
  4. Reconnect to the main iPad with your remote (in the settings), type in your initial login code and then press on download.

    What to do when your main app crashes when you press the DK button :

Update to the latest version of WaiterOne as soon as Apple releases it. Should be in the next upcoming hours. Version 1.5.13 that is.  

What went on and why did we release just before the weekend?

The KDS app was already 10 days at Apple for approval and every time they came up with a reason not to approve it. Finaly after all the updates we had to present them, including videos of the app to explain how the app works with the rest of the apps, they suddely released it, yep, just before the weekend. And as the KDS only works with the other updated apps we also had to release them as well. This was not the intention, resulting in a not 100% tested release of the main app and the remote, invoking some nasty crashes.  

Things should be better now, as long as you keep on updating to the latest versions as we are releasing emergency updates as we speak. Waiting on the update of the main app, but the next upconing days we should be able to tackle all bugs. I guess after this busy weekend we will have yet another busy week to come.  

Sorry for the incovenience, 
Thanks for your patience,