SumUp is here!

Since version 1.4.26 we have SumUp integrated in WaiterOne. Start accepting credit cards now. Activate SumUp and tendering in the settings of WaiterOne, create a payment method and connect it to SumUp and use it straight away, accept all major cards and payment methods :

The new SumUp Air card reader

Accept payments with SumUp

WaiterOne version 1.4.26

We have just released version 1.4.26 of WaiterOne. Together with this release we also updated the Remote (now version 1.3.4) and the KDS (now version 1.1.3). It is important to know that if you use one of these additional apps, the Remote or the KDS, you have to upgrade all the apps to the latest versions. Updating the main WaiterOne app and still using an older Remote will get you into problems. Same goes for the KDS, as we changed the communication protocol, so if the KDS was not upgraded it will not work at all anymore.

Here is a list of the new things in the 1.4.26. In the upcoming month we will add some new exciting things to WaiterOne, if you should have a special request, please drop us an email. Thanks.

### Added
– Split bills on WaiterOne and on the WaiterOne remote for the iPhone. WaiterOne remote for the iPad will follow shortly.
– New Star TSP100IIIU added, this is a USB printer and can be connected directly to Lightning port of your iPad, no network nor bluetooth not Wi-Fi needed.
– Added jump and jump back to export and import file.
### Fixed
– Table move print outs on Star bitmpa printers were not perfect! Now they are, I guess.
### Changed
– Import improved. Create your products in a spreadsheet and import them in WaiterOne.
– Recompiled with latest development version and with latest communication library.
– Recompiled with latest SumUp library, needed for the latest SumUp card readers.
– Removed our logo from Star bitmap printers receipts.