WaiterOne as an event cash register

Since version 1.4.5 we have an extra parameter to print out your order tickets as coupons. Can be used when you want to use WaiterOne as a event cash register. For every product you select you will receive one ticket. To configure this go to data -> printers -> bar -> settings -> separation between products and select what you want : nothing (is the default), line, partial or full cut.

WaiterOne as event cash register

When selling 4 products the results will be 4 coupons with the products on and a bill receipt (if enabled of course) :

4 coupons for your client

WaiterOne 1.4.3 sent to Apple

### Added
– Normal and long push added to the bill and payment button. When pushed longer on these buttons the number of tickets will be reversed. If you normally print 1 ticket it will not print anymore, if you have copies set to 0 then it will print 1 copy. Can be used to save paper and have a solution if the client needs a ticket nevertheless.
### Fixed
– QR Code test printer didn’t work on KDS anymore.
– Sales and order report can only be shown onscreen if it is not more then 1 day. You can, however, create the data and email it.
– Bug when adding new tables